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Hobo 6 Hell (Action games)

Hobo 6 Hell (Action games)
 In the fighting game Hobo 6: Hell you are stranded in hell. In order to survive you must destroy all evil opponents using a wide variety of combo attacks, such as farting, puking, spitting, hitting, you name it! More Hobo fighting: Hobo 5: Space Brawls Hobo 4: Total War Hobo 3: Wanted

Similar games
  • Jacko In HellJacko In Hell
    You are Jacko and you are on a mission to find the element that awakens the spirit of Halloween.
  • Epic War 5: Hell's GateEpic War 5: Hell's Gate
    Strategy game. You select a hero and fight a unique battle against the enemy units.
  • Heaven Or Hell 2Heaven Or Hell 2
    Turnbased fighting game in which you battle against the evil minions of hell with holy units.
  • Hobo 5 Space Brawls: Attack of the Hobo ClonesHobo 5 Space Brawls: Attack of the Hobo Clones
    You are abducted by aliens and you need to get your combo's.
  • Hell YeahHell Yeah
    Draw magic weapons with your paintbrush to stop Satan's angry army and protect your base.
  • Hobo 4: Total WarHobo 4: Total War
    Side scrolling fighting game. This time Hobo uses his filthy fighting techniques against the army!
Dynamite Snake
 Lasers, dynamite sticks, crates full of explosives and recently eaten TNT - don't leave time to be bored

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Gang Blast

Gang Blast
 A new sheriff is in town and that sheriff is you! You must protect the town from the bad gang by blasting them to prison. Take care of your duty by shooting the gang members and placing each one behind bars.

Hippos vs Rhinos (Puzzle games)

Hippos vs Rhinos (Puzzle games)
 In the physics based puzzle game Hippos vs. Rhinos your duty is to take all rhinos off the screen while keeping the hippos alive. Try to set the highest score!

Other Puzzle games
  • Deconstruction 2Deconstruction 2
    Explosive puzzle. You must blow up every building and make sure it gets under the target line.
  • Angry Birds: Pigs Out!Angry Birds: Pigs Out!
    Physics puzzle. Try to erase the green pigs from each level. Cut ropes and wood to get it done.
  • Three Olympic MedalsThree Olympic Medals
    Puzzle game. Make sure to get all of the medals at the right spot removing blocks.
  • CubinectCubinect
    Puzzle game. Try to connect all blocks of the same color by sliding them around the board.
  • GekisenGekisen
    You play the role of a duelist, a powerful swordsman who fights other duelists for glory and respect.
  • Lost Kingdom ProphecyLost Kingdom Prophecy
    Puzzle game. Find the missing elements and play match-3 or more games to complete the quest.

Viva la Pasta

Viva la Pasta
Spicy tomato sauce with mushrooms, eggs, Parmesan or lobster mixed all up with your choice of angel hair, elbow and butterfly pasta! Its your choice as you go for the gold with this traditional blending of Italian and Mediterranean Pasta dishes. Custom made for any ap

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